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What Eye Drops are Available Over the Counter?

In any pharmacy or grocery store, there is a wide assortment of eye drops and solutions that are available to purchase over the counter and without a prescription. Understanding what Read More

What is a Corneal Abrasion and How is it Treated?

A corneal abrasion is like a scratch on the front of the eye. This condition can be excruciatingly painful and may require immediate treatment to relieve the pain and promote Read More

Are Daily Disposable and Monthly Contact Lenses Better?

Today, many contact lens wearers are switching from monthly replacement or two-week replacement contact lenses to daily disposable contact lenses. There are many factors that go into deciding on what type of Read More

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are one of the most common eye conditions in the country. With age, it is expected that a cataract may develop at some point in the crystalline lens of Read More

What is Convergence Insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency is a condition in which the eyes struggle to align to look at near objects. This condition may cause issues with reading and other near tasks.   How the Eyes Read More

What are the Reasons for Wearing Glasses?

Finding out you need to wear glasses may come as a relief if you can suddenly see clearly but it may also come as a surprise if you saw clearly Read More

Float Your Lens

Contact lens wearers frequently assume the only reason to use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops is if their eyes or contact lenses feel dry.  And, if that only tends Read More

Is Eight the New Eighty?

DOES EXCESSIVE USE OF IPADS HURT CHILDREN’S VISION? Almost daily I have a parent ask me if frequent use of iPads or other handheld devices will make their children’s vision worse. Read More


At GH Eye we use ICARE Tonometry and NOT Air Puff Tonometry to measure the pressure in your eyes. (Checking eye pressures is one of the ways we make sure Read More

Treating Dry Eye at GH Eye

Dry Eye has been getting a lot of media attention. Even the Wall St. Journal recently published a detailed article “Why There Are More Dry Eyes in the House These Read More

Seeing vs. Seeing As Well As You Can

A few years ago, Google Glasses were in the news. These are eyeglasses with a smart pad embedded in the frame. They’re clever, expensive and available to select trendsetters.  But Read More

For The Kale Of It

Kale is popping up everywhere.   It’s even in an item on Panera’s  menu — Kale and White Bean Soup. Probably a fine choice as long as you don’t take Read More

Contact Lens Acute Red Eye

Meet CLARE. Clare is one of those names that’s coming around again.  It’s not just grandma’s name anymore. There’s Clare Danes, movie star and actress on the popular TV program Read More

Eyes, Blood Vessels and Sugar

As an eye doctor, I spend a lot of my day looking at my patients’ retinal blood vessels.  We do this with a Dilated Eye Exam or by using Optomap Read More

How Long Does a Monthly Contact Lens Last?

Sounds like a trick question, right?  So how often should you replace a monthly disposable contact lens? a.  once a month b.  when you can’t see out of it anymore c.  when your eye Read More

Eyes and Weddings

If you are planning a Spring or Fall wedding, now is the time to think about……your Eyes! Here’s some suggestions for making sure you’re seeing clearly on your big day: Schedule Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 57 posts


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