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Just because you don’t have vision plan benefits doesn’t mean you don’t have eye care coverage! For example, ocular allergies, eye infections, cornea problems, dry eye, eyelid problems, floaters, visual auras or disturbances, cataracts, glaucoma, ocular foreign body sensation, retina or macula defects and pain in or around the eyes are examples of symptoms that can result in eye exams that can be submitted to a medical insurance plan. 

GHEye doctors are providers for many medical insurance plans and vision plans. For specific information please contact our office at (571) 445-3692 . GHEye staff will be glad to assist you with determining your benefits.

Our office offers the GHEye Club Program as an option for patients who do not have a vision or eyeglass plan; or for patients who have already used their vision plan benefit; or patients who prefer to go outside the network that their vision plan offers. Our optical staff can provide details

 Contact Us:    (571) 445-3692