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Keeping your eyes healthy for a lifetime. It’s important to you and important to us. Not only do GHEye doctors provide precise vision and medical eye care, but they also work closely with GHEye optical staff to make sure the clear vision you see in the exam room is the clear vision you see when you wear your glasses and contact lenses. If you have medical eye problems our doctors can manage and treat them. Should you require eye surgery or retinal treatment, we will co-ordinate your care with top eye surgeons and specialists in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Eye Exams
Contact Lens Exams
Optical Care
Medical Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Exams 

Comprehensive eye exams are the starting point for most GHEye patients. During this exam, we address vision issues such as astigmatism, near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), the need for reading glasses (presbyopia), as well as vision problems related to the use of digital devices.  We assess your eye health and check your eyes for cornea problems, dry eye, macula degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases.  We review your medical history because systemic medical problems, or medications you are taking for systemic problems, can affect your eyes.

Contact Lens Exams

Our contact lens exams focus on analyzing your personal needs and determining the contact lens prescription that is optimal for you. Fit, safety, comfort, clarity and attention to detail are what makes contact lens care at GHEye special. Our doctors take the time to explain whether the latest innovations in contact lenses are suitable for you.

Lasik Corrective Surgery

Our doctors can guide you as to whether this is the right decision for you.  If you decide on Lasik Corrections, we team up with top laser refractive surgeons. For your convenience, your pre-operative and post co-operative care is performed in our office.

Myopia Management and Reduction

Myopia is typically diagnosed in childhood and gets worse every year. But it does not have to. At GHEye we can offer you the option of using new contact lens technology to stabilize your child’s prescription, instead of seeing it continually change every year. We can use one of two options.  One is the use of specialized contact lenses to gently remold your child’s cornea while they are sleeping so that they do not need glasses or contact lenses for daytime use. The other option is to use daytime soft lenses that may help to slow myopic progression during the growing years.  In some cases we may also use eyedrops.

Optical Care and Glasses

The optical care at GHEye is special because of our very experienced and very caring optical staff. We not only feature a large number of designer frames, but we also feature frames from companies that specialize in design, but may not have a designer name attached to them. Whether your eyeglass frame  preference is trendy, high style, sunglass, sporty, geek, cat-eye, rimless or classic — we’ve got over a thousand frames to choose from at GHEye!  Even more importantly, our experienced optical staff can guide you in selecting the best technology lenses to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Medical Eye Care

At GHEye, our goal is to keep your eyes healthy for a lifetime. By carefully checking your eye and vision health, small problems can be prevented from becoming big problems. All of our exams include a medical eye care component, however, certain conditions and illnesses require special care. These may include:

  • Monitoring eye problems related to chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, Cancer, Melanoma, Hypertension, and other systemic diseases.

  • Monitoring ocular side effects of medications taken for systemic conditions.

Medical Eye Diseases We Diagnose or Treat




Vitreous detachment

Retinal tears or detachment

Eye infections




Ocular foreign bodies

Corneal abrasions

Dry eye


Eye pain

Choroidal Nevus

Ocular Melanoma