Retina and Apple Retina

Apple is now featuring “Retina Display”. Improved, amazing resolution for I-pads, Mac Computers and I-phones. Interesting that Apple chose the word “Retina” to describe its resolution revolution.

Apple’s advanced resolution technology is amazing, but not any more amazing than the human retina. Apple has their “Retina” trademarked and protected; and just like Apple protects their “Retina” we should all protect our high resolution, one of a kind Retina. Because without a healthy retina of your own, you won’t appreciate Apple’s retina.

So here’s 3 preventive tips to preserve and protect your “Retinal Display”

1. If you experience sudden vision change – blurry vision, spots, flashes, floaters call your eye doctor immediately. A dilated eye examination can determine whether the symptoms might be caused by a retinal detachment. There are some health problems that you can take a wait and see approach about. Sudden vision change is NOT one of them. Some retinal detachments require immediate repair. Bottom line — if your vision changes suddenly, call your eye doctor suddenly.

2. Your retina features some of the tiniest blood vessels in your body. Keep those small blood vessels healthy by eating healthy, exercising, controlling hypertension, and treating elevated lipid levels. Strategies that keep your heart healthy can also keep your eyes healthy.

3. Your sharpest vision occurs in the Macula, which is the portion of the retina. Appropriate sunglasses and hats provide UV Protection for this vital area.

Maybe “Macula Display” will be Apple’s next generation of resolution. Although it doesn’t quite have the advertising zing of “Retina Display”.

At GH Eye, in addition to dilating your eyes (or sometimes instead of dilating your eyes) we can Display Your Retina using advanced Optos technology. To see Your Retina Displayed, see us. To see a Retina Display, see Apple.