Welcome to GHEye

Caring for your eyes is a vital part of your overall well-being. If you have a refractive error, or you have a chronic condition that compromises your eyesight, regular visits to an optometrist may be essential. Thankfully, if you live in the Gainesville, VA, area, and you’re looking for an optometrist near you, we at GHEye can help you get the eye care you need. 

We Offer Personalized Eye Care

Although the anatomy of every human eye may be the same, every person with eye problems needs may have a slightly different situation. At GHEye, we will provide a thorough eye examination and use the information gained to develop a treatment plan.

Family Eye Care

We at GHEye also offer services for clients of all ages. We understand that good eyesight is essential for children since their eyesight can impact their ability to pay attention in class. Adult clients with chronic eye conditions will also find the supportive care they need to manage any problems that may arise. We can also provide the extra help that elderly clients may require to manage any eye conditions that may have, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. 

We Have the Eye Care Services You Need 

Our optometrists, Dr. Ally Stoeger and Dr. Priyanka Patel head our dedicated team and look forward to providing you with an examination. We can provide a number of different services to help you achieve your eye health goals, including:

  • Eye exams
  • Vision exams
  • Eye surgery consultation
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Eye disease management
  • Prescriptions for eye glasses and contacts
  • Dry eye care
  • Computer vision treatment
  • And more

Get Optometry Care and Eye Disease Management from an Optometrist Near You

Regular optometry visits can be essential for maintaining good eye and vision health. If you live in the Gainesville, VA, area, and are looking eye care, we at GHEye are here for you. From routine eye exams to ongoing care for clients with cataracts or glaucoma, our team is here to help. Call us at (571) 445-3692 for optometry care from an optometrist near you.

What Patients are Saying About GHEye

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  • At GHEye, they really take the time to get to know you, your vision requirements, and your budget, and then match you up with the best options. Their staff is really cordial and tactful.

  • Everyone in the office was kind and knowledgeable. The doctor took the time to find the best contact fit for each eye and the technicians took the time to find me amazing frames.

  • The staff was very thorough and I left having had awesome personalized care and a beautiful choice of glasses & sunglasses, knowing exactly what I needed to do to take better care of my eyes, and when I needed  to return for the glasses and any follow up. This is exactly what I’d hoped for. I’m not just a number with Dr. Stoeger and GHEye.

  • I have never been so happy with the comfort of my new contact lenses. It is like a whole new world. She changed my glasses prescription as well and I have been comfortable with finally wearing glasses. I would give her and her staff 10 stars if I could.