Young Adults

Whether you are a college student, graduate student or working — chances are you are intensively using your eyes. There are so many options for vision correction for young adults – contact lenses, glasses, Lasik.  And there are dozens of types of contacts and eyeglass lenses. How do you choose?

Dr. Stoeger has the experience to help you select the best strategy for correcting your vision. Two young people may have identical prescriptions — but our vision correction recommendations for each of them may be completely different.  And, even though young adults generally don’t have medical eye problems, we make sure we rule out that possibility.

If you have ocular allergies, contact lens related red eyes, “pinkeye”, ocular foreign bodies or ocular injuries, we can help.  Our convenient schedule means that we can usually accommodate you as an emergency patient.

Optomap testing makes it convenient to evaluate the internal structures of young adult eyes without having to do a dilation.  And, you will love the fact that our office uses state of the art technology that replaces the “puff of air” test for intraocular pressure.

Our hi tech, precise refraction system results in prescriptions with the highest level of accuracy.

Dr. Stoeger has fit thousands of contact lens patients and excels at problem solving for patients with a busy lifestyle and lots of different ocular needs.   Whether your prescription stays the same or needs an update, we take the time to inform you about the newest features  in lenses and fitting techniques.  You stay up to date because we stay up to date.

One of the things that young people like most is our frame selection.  We continually rotating in new styles from the most popular designers (and non-designers labels).  Whether you’re looking for “geek-chic” or rimless, you will find it at GH Eye. The difference is that you can also count on our quality control standards.  Be sure to ask about the GH Eye Club for savings and warranty information.