How Long Does a Monthly Contact Lens Last?

Sounds like a trick question, right?  So how often should you replace a monthly disposable contact lens?

a.  once a month

b.  when you can’t see out of it anymore

c.  when your eye starts producing odd-looking goop

d.  every 2-3 weeks

The correct answer, for many of our patients, is every 2-3 weeks.  Even though lenses such as Biofinity (CooperVision), Air Optix Aqua (CibaVision)  and Pure Vision (Bausch & Lomb) are marketed as monthly lenses, I find that for many patients the 4th week of wear is noticably less comfortable than the first 2 or 3 weeks.  If a lens is feeling less comfortable there’s a good chance it’s causing irritation to the cornea and inflammation under the upper eye lid–changes that can affect your future ability to comfortably wear contact lenses.

I often suggest to my patients that they replace their contact lenses about 2 days before the lenses typically start to feel less comfortable.  For many patients, that means replacing a monthly disposable contact lenses every 2-3 weeks.

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