At GH Eye we know that there is nothing Seniors value more than their eyesight.  Our doctors perform dilated examinations and use the newest technology to thoroughly assess the vision and eye health of our Senior patients.

A comprehensive medical eye evaluation can pick up problems such as cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, corneal problems or retinal defects that impact your vision. A thorough eye exam can also detect the existence of medical problems elsewhere in the body.

Careful eye evaluation is essential if you are being treated for diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune disease, cancer or other medical problems. Drs. Stoeger, Masiello and Sachinski perform Dilated Eye Examinations, utilize Optomap Daytona Ultra-Widefield retinal view technology, and perform Visual Field testing to  assess your ocular health. GH Eye also provides Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for more specialized optic nerve and macula testing.

Seniors can have uncomfortable vision due to glare caused by dry eyes, cataracts, post cataract implants, ocular allergies or a variety of other conditions. Drs. Stoeger, Masiello and Sachinski work with patients with these problems so that their medical eye conditions  are managed and their optics are as clear as possible.

If patients require surgical or other advanced consultation,  Dr. Stoeger will co-ordinate care with high level specialists.

Precision optical and contact lens services are available at GH Eye. Seniors can benefit enormously from the latest technological advances in both Frames and Lenses. Our doctors work closely with GH Eye optical staff to help you sort through the options and decide how to get the best results at the price range you find comfortable.

Medicare usually does not cover glasses fees. Senior Adults will benefit from using the special Senior Benefits features of our GH Eye Club. Find out more about this special program by stopping by our office!