80% of learning occurs via the visual system so we suggest giving your child every advantage to see their best by having an eye examination.

It’s not unusual for a child who has “passed” a vision screening, to still have a substantial eye problems.  Screenings are great at picking up myopia (near-sightedness), but miss other, sometimes even more important, eye problems.  These problems can include amblyopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, strabismus and even eye tumors. For this reason, we recommend complete eye examinations for children every one to two years.

Our comprehensive exam begins with making sure your child’s eyes are healthy. GH Eye features Optomap Daytona Ultra-Wide Field  evaluation as one of the best ways to evaluate eye health for most children. It’s quick, painless,  and does not require eyedrops.

Drs. Stoeger, Masiello and Sachinski take the time to determine a precise vision correction and check to make sure your child’s vision is efficient and comfortable. If your child is involved in sports or other special activities, our doctors will take the time to advise you on specific vision correction for those activities.

Many parents are surprised that with proper training and follow up, ten year olds (and sometimes even younger children) can safely wear contact lenses. If you have a child who is active in sports, dance, drama, or other activities where contact lenses may be a better option than glasses,  the doctors at GH Eye will be happy to discuss contact lens possibilities with you and your child.

One day disposable contact lenses  are a great option for young children. We even have one day disposable contact lens options for astigmatism patients.  Our office fits Acuvue, Ciba/Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision and a wide variety of custom and gas permeable contact lenses.

If your child needs glasses, we carry lots of different frames and lenses.  Our office only orders from the most highly respected laboratories. Because your child may not know something is wrong, we take quality control very seriously.

Don’t forget to ask about our GH Eye Club for extra savings and warranty information. It can be used with or without vision plan insurance!