What is the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist?

Dr. Ally Stoeger is a doctor of optometry. Doctors of optometry evaluate, diagnose and treat vision problems and medical eye diseases and disorders. Of course many medical eye diseases also cause vision problems.

In addition to determining eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, Dr. Stoeger is experienced in examining and treating patients with cataracts, glaucoma, floaters, eye infections, ocular foreign bodies, dry eye, allergies, eye pain, etc. If advanced treatment or surgery is required, Dr. Stoeger will co-ordinate your referral to advanced specialists.

Patients are often confused because some eye doctors seem to just be involved with eyeglass or contact lens vision and don’t provide an emphasis on thorough eye health evaluation; while others do a quick vision check because they concentrate more on eye health. Dr. Ally Stoeger commitment to her patients is making sure that patients receive BOTH vision and medical care and consideration when they have an appointment at GH Eye.