About The Doctors

Dr.  Ally Stoeger

Dr. Ally Stoeger opened GH Eye in 2012 with the goal of providing comprehensive eye care for Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors.  Drawing on many years of practice experience, Dr. Stoeger has found that what patients value most is the combination of an advanced hi-tech office  and an easy to talk to doctor.

GH Eye is not an office where you are passed from one technician to another and the doctor runs in for a few minutes. The best eye, vision and medical care occurs when patients build long term relationships with their doctor. In fact, in her previous practice location, over 90% of Dr. Stoeger’s patients were either former patients, their friends or family!

Dr. Stoeger received her Doctorate in Optometry from  the New England College of Optometry and a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York – Stony Brook. Previously she practiced for over twenty years in one of the largest and most successful multi-doctor optometry practices in Northern Virginia.

Dr. Stoeger has examined tens of thousands of patients, fit thousands of contact lenses, diagnosed and/or treated almost every type of eye disease, and was among the first doctors in the area involved in Lasik surgery co-management.

Dr. Nadia Sachinski

Keeping  up with the latest information in the eye care field is a priority for both Drs. Stoeger and Dr. Sachinski.  The doctors and staff would like to invite you to the eye care experience at GH Eye. They are looking to surpass your expectations!